Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. was established in 1951 to provide rural telephone service to the residents of Dallam, Hartley and Sherman counties of the Northwest Texas Panhandle.

XIT Wireless went online in June of 1990 and served the counties of Dallam, Hartley, Oldham, Deaf Smith, Sherman and Moore in the Texas Panhandle, and was in service until the sale to AT&T Wireless on November 15, 2011.

XITNET was organized in May of 1996 to provide residents of Dallam, Hartley, Sherman and Moore counties with local access to the Internet. Initially, this was done through a re-seller. In 1999, XIT became an Internet Service Provider (ISP) by establishing its own connection directly to the Internet.

XIT began offering paging service (XIT Paging) in December of 1996, which has since been replaced with wireless technology.

In 1997, XIT became an interexchange provider offering long distance service within our serving area and outside of this area where we have a presence.

XIT Communications was one of the first companies nationwide to offer Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) services utilizing its own facilities when local service was offered in January of 1998 to the residents of Dalhart and Stratford. XIT Communications has since expanded its local services to Hartley and Channing (March, 2004), Boys Ranch (April, 2005) and Vega (2007).

The summer of 1999, XIT produced the first publication of the XIT Communications' Regional Telephone Directory, offering a higher quality, community oriented, regional directory to the area we serve. Area customers benefit by placing advertising in the alpha and yellow pages of the directory.

In May 2000, the first scholarships were awarded through the XIT Rural Telephone Educational Program. Each year XIT awards a minimum of $10,000 in scholarships to local area high school seniors whose parents are members of XIT Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

XIT launched its XITv Cable and high speed Internet using VDSL technology in the cities of Dalhart, Stratford and Texline in 2001. XITv and VDSL services were offered in the towns of Hartley, Channing, Boys Ranch and Vega. High speed Internet, using ADSL technology became available to the rural areas in February 2003. XIT acquired the local TV cable company in Vega, Vega Cablevision, in April of 2006.

XIT Launched IPTV service in 2010 with HD, DVR, and even faster broadband Internet services.

XIT Rural Telephone Completed Fiber-to-the-Home in 2016 to XIT Rural Telephone markets to bring faster Internet and digital IPTV services. XIT added watchTVeverywhere to our IPTV services.

XIT Communications converted the Vega market to fiber in 2017, bringing its customers high-speed broadband Internet and IPTV services. XIT Communications upgraded to Innovative TV service in 2019 that features whole-home DVR, cloud DVR storage and Restart Live TV.

As of August 21st, 2023, XIT Communications is proud to say that we no longer have any copper, and all of our service area is on fiber! This service area includes Rural Exchanges: Bunkerhill, Coldwater, Kerrick, Lautz, Middlewater, Stevens, and Texline. Also included in our service area are CLEC Markets: Boys Ranch, Channing, Dalhart, Hartley, Stratford, and Vega. Moving forward, XIT Communications will be expanding our service area and moving into Sunray next!



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