XIT IPTV Service
Advanced TV services are now available to new and existing XITv customers. Our new IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) service offers features like High Definition TV (HDTV), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), watchTVeverywhere and a greatly expanded channel lineup. HDTV will provide the best TV ever to our customers with amazing clarity and rich realistic images. And, the ever popular DVR will let you control your time and viewing. DVR allows viewers to record their favorite programs and view them when the time is right. You can also pause live TV, skip commercials, and rewind TV programs! XITv will be an endless source of news, drama, sports, action, learning and mystery. Experience it and you’ll see why those who love to be entertained appreciate XIT’s IPTV. Also, remember you can bundle your TV services with High Speed Internet and Local Phone for great savings from XIT. Sign up and start enjoying XITv TODAY!

XIT offers video solutions upon request for our visually impaired customers! For more information, please contact us at 806-384-3311 or 800-232-3312.


XIT Channel 1 is XIT’s local channel. It will keep you informed on local events and is an advertising venue for the businesses of our community. It is local advertising and information at its best. advertise your business, garage sale, fundraising event, special occasion or community event. Contact XIT for more information on how to benefit from using our local advertising channel.

Our new XIT IPTV expanded channel lineup will provide you with hours of entertainment viewing. It provides you with MORE of what you enjoy…MORE news, weather, sports, children’s channels, music, drama, and programming for men, women and Hispanic audiences!

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HBO, Starz, Showtime and The Movie Channel offer more movies and more programming for your viewing pleasure. And, 24 premium channels just got super-sized to 33 channels with our new XIT IPTV service. It’s all here at XIT – drama, action, family, romance and much more.

WatchTVeverywhere with XIT Communications!

Watch TV Everywhere

WatchTVeverywhere (WTVE) is a service that allows XIT TV subscribers to watch TV programs on devices other than a TV set. This can include a PC, a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other compatible devices. XIT TV subscribers can enjoy their favorite TV shows, live sporting events and movies anywhere in the U.S. where an Internet connection is available. Best of all, the service is FREE!

To register for watchTVeverywhere you will need:
1. Your XIT account number (numbers only)
2. The last name on your XIT account
3. Valid email address

Click here to get started watching WTVE today!



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