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Watch TV EverywhereWatchTVeverywhere with XIT Communications! As an XIT IPTV subscriber, you now have a convenient way to watch TV when you are on the go! With watchTVeverywhere, you can stream some of your favorite TV networks and channels right to your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other compatible devices from anywhere in the United States where you can receive an Internet signal. Best of all, it is FREE with your XIT IPTV subscription!

Where can I watchTVeverywhere? You can watch it anywhere you can receive an Internet signal: in your house, backyard, at work, at the mall, at a hotel, the airport, a vacation home - ANYWHERE! Wired connections and in-home Wi-Fi will provide the best overall quality. The quality of WTVE service when traveling will vary on the signal strength and bandwidth of the Internet connection you use.

What shows can I watch? Each TV network makes their own decision about what to offer on WTVE. ABC & NBC offer full episodes of their shows, but do not offer live feeds because XIT is not an owned & operated station of the networks.

What devices can I use? Nearly all WTVE programs are available on all devices (PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone). Some networks may not have all their programs available on all devices though.

To register for watchTVeverywhere you will need:
1. Your XIT account number (numbers only)
2. The last name on your XIT account
3. Valid email address

Click here to get started watching WTVE today!

XIT IPTV & Broadband High Speed Internet*
XIT Communications is here to provide you with the best TV experience ever!  Our IPTV service features High Definition TV, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), premium movie channels and now, watchTVeverywhere (WTVE).  WTVE allows XIT TV subscribers to watch TV on the go, anywhere your day takes you!  All you need is an Internet connection!  Check out the link to XIT’s watchTVeverywhere Platform above! 

Fast, High Speed Broadband Internet is available NOW from XIT Communications!  Call XIT today for more details.  We have an Internet speed that is just right for you! Here are the speeds XIT currently offers:

Dalhart, Stratford, Vega & Rural Markets:
50/2 Mbps
75/4 Mbps
100/10 Mbps Residential
100/4 Mbps Business

Hartley, Channing & Boys Ranch:
6/1 Mbps
12/2 Mbps
20/2 Mbps

*Faster Internet speeds are available by special arrangement. Call XIT for details and pricing.

CALL XIT:  806-244-3355 & 806-384-3311 in Dalhart
806-366-3355 in Stratford
806-533-3355 in Boys Ranch
806-967-3355 in Vega

XIT Photo Contest

2022 XIT Regional Directory Photo Contest
XIT Communications is calling all shutterbugs to show off your best photos by entering the 2022 XIT Regional Directory Cover Photo Contest. We are looking for any unique and colorful photographs that could be used in designing our 2022 XIT Communications Regional Directory Cover. An exceptional picture is worth a thousand words, so take your best shot of your favorite subject and enter to win! The winning photographer will have the honor of the publication of their photo, bragging rights and receive a check for $200.00. Learn More

Do You Roku?
Right now, you can even get a FREE Roku 3930 Streaming Stick when you upgrade your current Internet speed package or get new (6/1 Mpbs or higher) Internet service with us! Give us a call today to discuss your Internet speed options and available packages! You will love the always-fast, always-on Internet service you get with XIT Communications!

Discounts for Low Income Customers Lifeline Program

XIT Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and XIT Communications offer reduced rates to eligible residential consumers under the Lifeline Program. Lifeline provides monthly discounts to an eligible customer’s basic local telephone or broadband Internet service. Customers who are eligible for the Lifeline Program are also eligible for toll blocking on their basic telephone service at no charge.

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Mandatory 10-Digit Dialing Coming to Multiple States/Area Codes. LEARN MORE »